Strontium-90 and tritium concentrations in surface waters of the North Pacific, supplement to: Vakulovskiy, S M; Vorontsov, A I; Katrich, I Yu; Koloskov, L A; Roslyy, E I; Chumichev, V B (1978): Strontium-90 and tritium in North Pacific surface wafer in 1974. Oceanology, 18(2), 160-162

S M Vakulovskiy, A I Vorontsov, I Yu Katrich, L A Koloskov, E I Roslyy & V B Chumichev
Results of determinations of 90Sr and tritium polluting surface water in different parts of the North Pacific are presented. The T/90Sr ratio lies within 90-600 over the referred water area and attains 2000 near the Columbia River mouth. Tritium concentration in sea water has been noted to be affected by river runoff and terrigenous sediments.
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