Silicoflagellates of early Paleocene to early Miocene sediments of the subantarctic South Atlantic, supplement to: Ciesielski, Paul F (1991): Biostratigraphy of diverse silicoflagellate assemblages from the early Paleocene to early Miocene of Holes 698A, 700B, 702B, and 703A: subantarctic South Atlantic. In: Ciesielski, PF; Kristoffersen, Y; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 114, 49-96

Paul F Ciesielski
Nearly complete Paleogene sedimentary sequences were recovered by Leg 114 to the subantarctic South Atlantic. Silicoflagellate assemblages from the Paleogene and immediately overlying lower Neogene from Sites 698 (Northeast Georgia Rise), 700 (East Georgia Basin), 702 (Islas Orcadas Rise), and 703 (Meteor Rise) were examined. The described assemblage from Hole 700B represents the most complete yet described from the Paleocene, encompassing planktonic foraminifer Zones Plb (upper part) through P4 and Subchrons C25N to C23N. All...
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