Vertical distribution of zooplankton biomass in the Sea of Japan, supplement to: Vinogradov, Mikhail E; Sazhin, Andrey F (1978): Vertical distribution of the major groups of zooplankton in the northern part of the Sea of Japan. Oceanology, 18(2), 205-208

Mikhail E Vinogradov & Andrey F Sazhin
Vertical distribution of total zooplankton biomass and major taxonomic groups are investigated by layers to depths of 2500-3400 m on the basis of three series of net plankton collections. Zooplankton is most abundant above 1500-2000 m. Since true deep-water species do not occur in the Sea of Japan, biomass drops much more sharply at greater depths than it does in the ocean. Since few carnivores inhabit the deep layers, abundant remains of planktonic organisms fall...
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