Humic acids in bottom sediments of the Western Pacific, supplement to: Vasilevskaya, N A; Golyashin, V N; Denisenko, N M; Maksimov, O B (1977): Chemical study of humic acids in Western Pacific bottom sediments. Oceanology, 17(3), 300-307

N A Vasilevskaya, V N Golyashin, N M Denisenko & O B Maksimov
Elemental composition, functional groups, and molecular mass distribution were determined in humic acids from the Western Pacific abyssal and coastal bottom sediments. Humic acid structure was studied by oxidative degradation with alkaline nitrobenzene and potassium permanganate, p-coumaric, guaiacilic, and syringilic structural units typical for lignin of terrestrial plants were identified in humic acids by chromatographic analysis of oxidation products. Polysubstituted and polycondensed aromatic systems with minor proportion of aliphatic structures were basic structural units of...
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