Age of bottom sediments from the Indian Ocean, supplement to: Lisitzin, Alexander P; Nikolaev, Vladimir I; Blyum, Natalia S (1978): The temperatures of the Indian Ocean in the Brunhes paleomagnetic epoch. Oceanology, 18(1), 58-61

Alexander P Lisitzin, Vladimir I Nikolaev & Natalia S Blyum
It has been found that oxygen-isotope and paleotemperature curves based on types of planktonic foraminiferal thanatocenoses in three sediment cores, from the tropical, southern temperate, and southern glacial zones of the Indian Ocean can be readily correlated with each other. The sediment cores revealed three epochs of cold climate during the past 700 ky; these are probably connect with worldwide epochs of cooling during Pleistocene that led to advance of ice sheets during continental glaciations...
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