Planktonic foraminiferas in bottom sediments and paleotemperatures in the areas of the Benguela and Canary upwellings, supplement to: Barash, Max S; Os'kina, Natalia S; Ivanova, Elena V (1980): Upwelling near Africa during the Late Pleistocene from data on planktonic foraminifers. Oceanology, 20(1), 62-68

Max S Barash, Natalia S Os'kina & Elena V Ivanova
Distribution of planktonic foraminiferal tests was studied in four drill cores of Upper Quaternary sediments from the zone of influence of the Canary upwelling and in nine sediment cores from the zone of the Benguela upwelling. Paleotemperatures were reconstructed from these data. It was established that under conditions during stadials, interstadials, and interglacials of Quaternary time, the upwelling existed continuously, intensifying and expanding during colder epochs and weakening and contracting in the warmer intervals. During...
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