(Table 1) Primary production and chlorophyll a concentration in the Northeastern Tropical Atlantic, supplement to: Berseneva, G P (1981): Primary production and the chlorophyll \"a\" concentration in the eastern part of the Tropical Atlantic. Oceanology, 21(2), 243-246

G P Berseneva
Results of simultaneous determinations of chlorophyll "a" concentrations and primary production in the northeastern part of the Tropical Atlantic in spring 1977 are discussed. Primary production was low (250-350 mg C/m**2/day in the open parts of the ocean and high (600-1500 mg C/m**2/day) mainly in zones of current divergences and coastal region of the West Africa. Chlorophyll "a" concentration throughout the euphotic zone varied from 6 to 36 mg/m**3 and in the surface layer from...
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