Lipid biomarkers of shelf sediments from upwelling regions off Namibia, Peru, and Chile, supplement to: Arning, Esther T; Birgel, Daniel; Schulz-Vogt, Heide N; Holmkvist, Lars; Jørgensen, Bo Barker; Larson, Alyssa; Peckmann, Jörn Ludwig (2008): Lipid Biomarker Patterns of Phosphogenic Sediments from Upwelling Regions. Geomicrobiology Journal, 25(2), 69-82

Esther T Arning, Daniel Birgel, Heide N Schulz-Vogt, Lars Holmkvist, Bo Barker Jørgensen, Alyssa Larson & Jörn Ludwig Peckmann
Sediments of upwelling regions off Namibia, Peru, and Chile contain dense populations of large nitrate-storing sulfide-oxidizing bacteria, Thiomargarita, Beggiatoa, and Thioploca. Increased contents of monounsaturated C16 and C18 fatty acids have been found at all stations studied, especially when a high density of sulfide oxidizers in the sediments was observed. The distribution of lipid biomarkers attributed to sulfate reducers (10MeC16:0 fatty acid, ai-C15:0 fatty acid, and mono-O-alkyl glycerol ethers) compared to the distribution of sulfide...
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