Alkanes in plankton and bottom sediments of the Baltic Sea, supplement to: Belyaeva, Alexandra N; Bobyleva, Nadezhda V (1981): Alkanes of plankton and bottom sediments from the Baltic Sea. Oceanology, 21(6), 712-715

Alexandra N Belyaeva & Nadezhda V Bobyleva
Composition of alkanes present in total plankton was determined at two stations in the Gulf of Riga and in six samples of recent bottom sediments collected in a cross-section extending from the Daugava River estuary to the Gotland Basin. C15 to C17 n-alkanes were dominant in the plankton, the highest content being that of n-C16 alkanes. Low values of the index of predominance of odd hydrocarbons over even ones (0.95 to 1.16) and presence of...
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