Contents of 230Th, Fe2O3, MnO and P2O5 in bottom sediments from the Tropical Pacific, supplement to: Kuznetsov, Yury V; Al'terman, E I; Lisitzin, Alexander P (1981): Possible \"normalization\" of the experimental curves of the vertical distribution of Th230 in deep-sea sediments. Oceanology, 21(1), 116-121

Yury V Kuznetsov, E I Al'terman & Alexander P Lisitzin
Shape of the 230Th vertical distribution curve ideally close to exponential is studied to determine isotopic age of deep-sea sediments. In practice such ideal 230Th vertical distribution curve is rarely occur; secondary maxima and minima often appear on it. It has been shown that oxyhydroxides of Fe, Mn, and also Corg and P are of prime importance for 230Th concentration. A method is offered for normalizing the vertical distribution curve of 230Th based on taking...
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