Major element concentration and radionuclides of equatorial Pacific deep-sea sediments, supplement to: Pichat, Sylvain; Sims, Kenneth W W; Francois, Roger; McManus, Jerry F; Brown Leger, Susan; Albarède, Francis (2004): Lower export production during glacial periods in the equatorial Pacific derived from (231Pa/230Th)xs,0 measurements. Paleoceanography, 19(4), PA4023

Sylvain Pichat, Kenneth W W Sims, Roger Francois, Jerry F McManus, Susan Brown Leger & Francis Albarède
The (231Pa/230Th)xs,0 records obtained from two cores from the western (MD97-2138; 1°25'S, 146°24'E, 1900 m) and eastern (ODP Leg 138 Site 849, 0°11.59'N, 110°31.18'W, 3851 m) equatorial Pacific display similar variability over the last 85000 years, i.e. from isotopic stages 1 to 5a, with systematically higher values during the Holocene, isotopic stage 3 and isotopic stage 5a, and lower values, approaching the production rate ratio of the two isotopes (0.093), during the colder periods corresponding...
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