(Table 2-3) Radiocarbon datings of organic matter from sediments of Core PSh-4510, supplement to: Emelyanov, Emelyan M; Trimonis, Egidius S; Lukashina, Nadezhda P; Slobodyannik, Vladimir M; Boström, Kurt; Westman, P; Bublitz, G; Leipe, Thomas; Kuptsov, Vladimir M (1995): Stratigraphy and composition of the stratotype core from the Gotland Deep (Baltic Sea). Oceanology, 35(1), 99-104

Emelyan M Emelyanov, Egidius S Trimonis, Nadezhda P Lukashina, Vladimir M Slobodyannik, Kurt Boström, P Westman, G Bublitz, Thomas Leipe & Vladimir M Kuptsov
Core PSh-2510 (4.76 m long) recovered mud and clay of the Baltic Ice Lake and of all subsequent stages of the Baltic Sea. Grain size, mineral and chemical compositions, as well as physical properties of sediments were studied. Biostratigraphic (diatoms and foraminifers), lithostratigraphic, and chemical (26 elements) methods, as well as radiocarbon datings were used to subdivide core sections into stratigraphic units.
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