Dissolved forms of chemical elements in near-bottom waters and interstitial waters from sediments of the Gdansk Bay, Baltic Sea, supplement to: Vershinin, Andrey V; Egorov, Alexander V; Rozanov, Alexander G (2009): The fluxes of dissolved forms of chemical elements in Gdansk Bay of the Baltic Sea: Measurements by means of a lander. Oceanologv (Translated ftom Okeanologiya, 2009, 49(4), 501-507), 49(4), 459-465

Andrey V Vershinin, Alexander V Egorov & Alexander G Rozanov
A bottom station (lander) was installed onto the bottom at station 6214 during Cruise 86 of R/V Professor Shtokman. Resulting from this installation, all the systems of the lander functioned within the predicted regimen. Potentialities of the chamber experiment technique (the lander) seem to be preferable compared to those of studies by means of the method of interstitial waters, especially for elements of variable oxidation state.
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