Middle Campanian-lowermost Maastrichtian nannofossils and foraminifers of the northwestern Australian margin, supplement to: Campbell, Robert J; Howe, Richard W; Rexilius, John P (2004): Middle Campanian-lowermost Maastrichtian nannofossil and foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the northwestern Australian margin. Cretaceous Research, 25(6), 827-864

Robert J Campbell, Richard W Howe & John P Rexilius
The middle-late Campanian was marked by an increase in the bioprovinciality of calcareous microfossil assemblages into distinct Tethyan, Transitional, and Austral Provinces that persisted to the end of the Maastrichtian. The northwestern Australian margin belonged to the Transitional Province and the absence of key Tethyan marker species such as Radotruncana calcarata and Gansserina gansseri has led petroleum companies operating in the area to use the locally developed KCCM integrated calcareous microfossil zonation scheme. The KCCM...
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