Noble metal abundances in ODP Leg 115 basalts (Table 1), supplement to: Greenough, John D; Fryer, Brian J (1990): Distribution of gold, palladium, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, and iridium in Leg 115 hotspot basalts: implications for magmatic processes. In: Duncan, RA; Backmann, J; Peterson, LC; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 115, 71-84

John D Greenough & Brian J Fryer
A comparison of 50 basalts recovered at Sites 706, 707, 713, and 715 along the Reunion hotspot trace during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 115 in the Indian Ocean shows that seafloor alteration had little effect on noble metal concentrations (Au, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, and Ir), determined by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), which generally tend to decrease with magma evolution. Their compatible-element behavior may be related to the precipitation of Ir-Os-based alloys, chromite, sulfides,...
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