(Table 1) Distribution of foraminiferal tests in recent sediments of interior seas of Malay Archipelago, supplement to: Basov, Ivan A (1981): Benthic foraminifera in the recent sediments of interior seas of the Malay Archipelago. Oceanology, 21(1), 66-69

Ivan A Basov
A study of benthic foraminifera in 21 samples of recent deep-sea sediments from the Sulawesi (Celebes), Molucca, and Banda Seas in the depth interval from 1780 to 7130 m has shown that their distribution and ratios of live specimens to empty tests differ at different depths. Perhaps it can be attributed to varying aggressiveness of waters at these depths with respect to calcium carbonate. The critical depths of CaCO3 dissolution, according to the study of...
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