(Table 1) Composition of lipids in particulate matter and bottom sediments of the Baltic Sea, supplement to: Bobyleva, Nadezhda V; Belyaeva, Alexandra N (1982): Origin and composition of lipids in suspended matter and bottom sediments of the Baltic Sea. Oceanology, 22(5), 560-564

Nadezhda V Bobyleva & Alexandra N Belyaeva
Lipid contents in the upper layer of bottom sediments in the Baltic Sea range from 0.37 to 2.66 mg/g (1.2-25.8% Corg). It is shown that the main factors determining composition of lipids in bottom precipitates are relative roles of different sources of lipids in sediments and conditions of sediment accumulation. Runoff of the Daugava River into the Gulf of Riga contributes simple low-polarity lipids. Sterols and certain bound fatty acids originate in living organic matter....
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