Phytoplankton in the Nhatrang Bay, South China Sea, supplement to: Ilyash, L V; Matorin, D N (2007): Features of the spatial distribution of phytoplankton in Nhatrang Bay of the South China Sea during the rainy season. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2007, 47(6), 847-856, Oceanology, 47(6), 788-796

L V Ilyash & D N Matorin
Species composition, phytoplankton abundance, and relative yield of variable fluorescence (F_v/F_m) were determined in the mesotrophic Nhatrang Bay in October-November 2004. Species diversity (250 taxonomic units) and heterogeneity of the phytoplankton structure were high. With respect to number of species and their abundance, diatoms prevailed. In selected parts of the bay, dinoflagellates dominated. Average biomass in the water column under 1 m**2 (Bt) varied from 2.3 to 64.4 mg C/m**3 (av. 31.0 mg C/m**3). Bt...
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