Hydrocarbons in surface waters of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, supplement to: Nemirovskaya, Inna A; Nesterova, Maria P (1982): Oil pollution in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Oceanology, 22(6), 704-708

Inna A Nemirovskaya & Maria P Nesterova
Results of investigation of various forms of oil pollution, i.e. oil films, tar, and hydrocarbons in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean and North Indian Ocean during October-December 1980 and February-May 1981 are presented. Oil pollution was found only in regions of the heaviest ship traffic and was somewhat less than in 1976-1977. Background concentration of non-polar hydrocarbons was 8-10 ?g/l in surface waters and 14 ?g/l in the shelf zone. Infrared spectroscopy and gas-liquid chromatography indicate...
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