Composition of bottom sediments and interstitial waters from the Gdansk Bay, supplement to: Dietrich, Peter G; Boyge, P (1983): Mercury and zinc in silts and interstitial waters of Gdansk Bay in the Baltic Sea. Oeeanology, 23(2), 195-199

Peter G Dietrich & P Boyge
Contents of mercury and zinc in reduced sediments and interstitial waters of the Gdansk Bay in the Baltic Sea were investigated. It was found that sediments contain 0.7 ppm Hg, of which 0.008 ppm•(0.4% of total) is dissolved in interstitial water, and 91 ppm Zn, of which 0.15 ppm (0.45% of total) is dissolved in interstitial water. Differences in contents in different layers (0-5 and 25-30 cm) can be attributed to anthropogenic influence. Aderage concentration...
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