(Table 1) Relative activity of heterotrophic microflora in deep-sea sediments from of the Indian Ocean, supplement to: Sorokin, Yury I (1983): Degree of activity of microflora in deep-water bottom sediments of the Indian Ocean. Oceanology, 23(4), 486-488

Yury I Sorokin
The radiocarbon method was used to determine relative activity of heterotrophic microflora in deep-sea bottom sediments of the Central Indian Ocean. It was demonstrated that viable microflora of sediments at depths >4000 m inhabits only the upper layer 2-10 cm thick. In specimens taken from the sedimentary layer 10-15 mm from the bottom surface there was no noticeable assimilation of tagged organic matter. Obtained data confirm the point of view that there is no functional...
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