Composition of particulate matter from surface seawater, supplement to: Tambiev, Sergey B; Belyaeva, Alexandra N; Lyutsarev, Sergey V; Demina, Lyudmila L; Idzhiyan, M G; Konnov, Vitaly A (1986): Chemical composition of organic aggregates produced by aeration of natural sea water. Oceanology, 26(1), 58-61

Sergey B Tambiev, Alexandra N Belyaeva, Sergey V Lyutsarev, Lyudmila L Demina, M G Idzhiyan & Vitaly A Konnov
Chemical composition of aggregates obtained by aeration of filtered water and composition of natural marine particulate matter filtered in advance from the same water samples are studied. Formation of aggregates is accompanied by transfer of many compounds and chemical elements from solution into particulate form. C_org., C_lip., total carbohydrate, N_org , P_org, Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn were determined inthe aggregates and suspended matter. Amounts of certain compounds and elements differed in the aggregates and...
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