(Table 2) Biomass and size characteristics of Aurelia aurita in the Black Sea as determined from the Argus manned submersible, supplement to: Shushkina, Elvira A; Arnautov, Genrikh N (1985): Quantitative distribution of the Medusa Aurelia and its role in the Black Sea ecosystem. Oceanology, 25(1), 102-106

Elvira A Shushkina & Genrikh N Arnautov
Based on estimate of Aurelia aurita concentration in the Black Sea from the Argus manned submersible in April-May 1984, as well as on author's data and published information on metabolic rate and feeding of medusa, biomass of medusa Aurelia aurita in the epipelagic zone of the Black Sea is estimated to be about 400 million tons of wet weight, and its mean annual production to be 400-900 million tons wet weight or about 1.1-2.5 million...
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