Tab. 1: Chupa Inlet, Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea. Population density of the dominant boreal copepod species and daily pellet carbon flux, supplement to: Kosobokova, Ksenia N; Martynova, Daria M; Prudkovsky, Andrey (2006): Contribution of zooplankton to vertical carbon fluxes in the Kara and White Seas. Polarforschung, 75(2-3), 77-82

Ksenia N Kosobokova, Daria M Martynova & Andrey Prudkovsky
Data on the zooplankton community structure, gut evacuation rate and carbon content of zooplankton faecal pellets were used for assessing the contribution of zooplankton to vertical carbon fluxes in the White and Kara Seas. The results revealed strong regional and seasonal variations of pellet carbon input related to differences in structure and dynamics of the zooplankton communities in the regions studied. In the deep regions of the White Sea, maximum daily pellet carbon flux from...
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