Chlorophyll-a concentrations in phytoplankton fractions in waters of the Black Sea, supplement to: Krupatkina, D K; Ostrovskaya, Nadezhda A (1984): Variability and daily chlorophyll-a patterns in large and small phytoplankton fractions in various regions of the Black Sea in late summer. Oceanology, 24(6), 727-732

D K Krupatkina & Nadezhda A Ostrovskaya
Comparison of daily and diel variability of chlorophyll-a concentration at three long-term stations in meso- and eutrophic regions indicates that their values are similar. Daily patterns of deviation in chlorophyll concentration in small and large phytoplankton fraction from average daily values are presented. In conformity with a hypothesis of daily removal rhythms correlated with changes in diel light-dark periods, it was concluded that the mesotrophic region during the dark period is characterized by predominance of...
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