Continuous 25-years aerosol records at coastal Antarctica: Part I. Variability and climate implications of ionic compounds, supplement to: Weller, Rolf; Wagenbach, Dietmar; Legrand, Michel R; Elsässer, Christoph; Tian-Kunze, Xiangshan; König-Langlo, Gert (2011): Continuous 25-yr aerosol records at coastal Antarctica – I: inter-annual variability of ionic compounds and links to climate indices. Tellus Series B-Chemical and Physical Meteorology, 63(5), 901-919

Rolf Weller, Dietmar Wagenbach, Julien Legrand, Christoph Elsässer, Xiangshan Tian-Kunze & Gert König-Langlo
The aerosol climatology at the coastal Antarctic Neumayer Station (NM) was investigated based on continuous, 25-yr long observations of biogenic sulphur components (methanesulfonate and non-sea salt sulphate), sea salt and nitrate. Although significant long-term trends could only be detected for nitrate (-3.6 ± 2.5% per year between 1983 and 1993 and +4.0 ± 3.2% per year from 1993-2007), non-harmonic periodicities between 2 and 5 yr were typical for all species. Dedicated time series analyses revealed...
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