Upper Turonian - lower Campanian planktonic foraminifera from Exmouth Plateau, supplement to: Petrizzo, Maria Rose (2000): Upper Turonian-lower Campanian planktonic foraminifera from southern mid-high latitudes (Exmouth Plateau, NW Australia): biostratigraphy and taxonomic notes. Cretaceous Research, 21(4), 479-505

Maria Rose Petrizzo
A planktonic foraminiferal zonal scheme is presented for subdivision of the Upper Cretaceous pelagic carbonate sequence from southern mid–high latitudes. Definition of the zones is based on first and last occurrences of planktonic foraminifera from Ocean Drilling Program Holes 762C and 763B (Leg 122; Exmouth Plateau, south Indian Ocean). During the Late Cretaceous the studied holes were located close to 50°S and for the first time a complete sedimentary record for the mid–high latitudes was...
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