Stable isotope ratios of epibenthic foraminifer Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi from sediment profile GeoB9526, supplement to: Zarriess, Michelle; Mackensen, Andreas (2011): Testing the impact of seasonal phytodetritus deposition on [delta]13C of epibenthic foraminifer Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi: A 31,000 year high-resolution record from the northwest African continental slope. Paleoceanography, 26, PA2202

Michelle Zarriess & Andreas Mackensen
Studies of temporal changes of ocean circulation and deep-water ventilation often rely on d13C records of epibenthic foraminifer Cibicidoides wuellerstorfi. However, primary productivity related overprints may distort the signal and simulate a chemical age of ambient water mass that is too old and simulates poorly ventilated ambient bottom waters. To further constrain the use of C. wuellerstorfi d13C records from high-productivity areas, we analyzed a 14CAMS-dated gravity core from the upwelling regime off northwest Africa...
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