Composition of barite crusts and basalts from the Red Sea rift zone, supplement to: Sval'nov, Vyacheslav N; Strizhov, Valentin P; Bogdanov, Yury A; Isaeva, Alexandra B (1984): Hydrothermal barite crust on basalts in the Atlantis-II Deep (Red Sea). Oceanology, 24(6), 716-720

Vyacheslav N Sval'nov, Valentin P Strizhov, Yury A Bogdanov & Alexandra B Isaeva
Barite ores with admixture of sphalerite that occur in the Atlantis-II Deep are indicated by their geological position, structure, and mineral and chemical characteristics and by isotope composition of sulfur and oxygen in them to be of hydrothermal origin. They were produced close to an orifice of an intermittent hydrothermal vent by chemogenic precipitation of barite onto cooled basalt.
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