Radiocarbon sediment ages and sedimentation rates in the Red Sea, supplement to: Kuptsov, Vladimir M; Palkina, Alla M (1986): Radiocarbon dating of bottom sediments of the Red Sea. Oceanology, 26(3), 341-345

Vladimir M Kuptsov & Alla M Palkina
Results of radiocarbon dating of 23 cores (81 determinations) collected in the Red Sea rift zone at 8°N are presented. All of the main tectonic structures were dated: the upper and lower tectonic benches, the salt scarp, and the axial zone. Sediments in the upper tectonic bench exhibit normal sedimentation, while all other structures, which have highly dissected relief, show extensive re-deposition or non-accumulation of sediments. Sedimentation rate in Holocene was from two to three...
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