Heavy metal contents in bottom sediments and Fe-Mn nodules and their states in bottom and interstitial waters from the Clarion-Clipperton province, supplement to: Tikhomirov, Vladimir N; Shakhova, N F (1987): States of certain metals in bottom and interstitial waters of the Pacific Ocean as related to the formation of Fe-Mn nodules. Oceanology, 27(1), 44-48

Vladimir N Tikhomirov & N F Shakhova
Ultrafiltration with tagged atoms was used to study physicochemical states (dissolved, colloidal, suspended) of Mn, Co, Ni, Zn, and Ce in bottom and interstitial waters collected in two areas of the Pacific Ocean with Fe-Mn nodules of different size, shape, structure and origin in different abundances. Use of filters with pore diameter of 0.05 ?m allowed to identify colloidal forms of the metals in bottom sediments and interstitial waters. It was demonstrated experimentally that differences...
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