(Table 1) Chemical composition of oceanic phosphates and their selenium content, supplement to: Baturin, Gleb N; Boyko, Taras F; Kislova, I V; Nazarenko, I I (1986): Selenium in oceanic phosphates. Oceanology, 26(5), 577-580

Gleb N Baturin, Taras F Boyko, I V Kislova & I I Nazarenko
Selenium content of phosphate material from the ocean bottom ranges from 0.2 to 4.7 mg/kg. Phosphorites of various ages from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans contain 1.0-2.4 mg/kg of selenium, phosphatized coproliths 0.7-1.2 mg/kg, fish bones 0.2-1,4 mg/kg, and bones of marine mammals 0.5-4.7 mg/kg. Recent diatom muds on the shelf of Namibia are considerably enriched in selenium (12.2-13.8 mg/kg) than phosphorites that form within them. Accumulation of selenium in phosphate material on the ocean...
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