Distribution of particulate matter and particulate organic carbon in waters of the Caspian Sea, supplement to: Gershanovich, David E; Zinkovskiy, Alexander B (1987): New data on suspended material in the Caspian Sea. Oceanology, 27(1), 72-78

David E Gershanovich & Alexander B Zinkovskiy
Data on concentrations and distribution of particulate matter in the Caspian Sea obtained during surveys in 1981-1983 with use of modified filtering units have shown that over the major part of the sea concentration of particulate matter does dot exceed 1-2 mg/l. Only in the northern Caspian and in coastal regions concentrations correspond to values measured earlier. Total amount of particulate matter in the Caspian Sea is about of 90 million ton, 19.6% in the...
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