Production of Zooxanthellae in the tropical Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Drits, Alexander V; Semenova, Tatyana N; Konovalov, Boris V (1987): Production of Zooxanthellae in planktic foraminifera and colonial radiolaria of the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Oceanology, 27(1), 92-97

Alexander V Drits, Tatyana N Semenova & Boris V Konovalov
The radiocarbon method was used to measure primary production of Zooxanthellae of five colonial radiolaria and two pelagic foraminifera from the tropical Atlantic Ocean; in addition, chlorophyll-a concentrations were determined, and assimilation numbers were calculated. It was estimated empirically that about 40% of 14C participating in photosynthesis later passes from symbiotic algae to radiolarian endocytoplasm; this makes it possible for them to survive extended starvation conditions. Contribution of Zooxanthellae to overall primary production of the...
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