Composition of bottom sediments and serpentinites from Core PS-846, supplement to: Trimonis, Egidius S; Emelyanov, Emelyan M; Kharin, Gennady S (1987): Serpentinites in sediments from the zone of a transform fault on the South Atlantic Ridge. Oceanology, 27(2), 206-210

Egidius S Trimonis, Emelyan M Emelyanov & Gennady S Kharin
A core of foraminiferal-coccolithic oozes filling a valley of the transform fault located at 29°40'S on the South Atlantic Ridge contains layers composed of angular fragments of igneous and metamorphic rocks. They include many serpentinites deriving from serpentinized ultrabasic rocks, probably exposed on the lower section of the southern slope of the fault valley. A mineral and chemical description of these serpentinites is given.
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