Concentration and production of bacteria and bacterial destruction in the photic layer of the Sodruzhestvo Sea area, Southern Ocean, supplement to: Samyshev, E Z (1986): Bacterioplankton of Antarctic waters: concentration, production and bacterial destruction. Oceanology, 26(4), 508-512

E Z Samyshev
Bacterioplankton in the photic layer of the Sodruzhestvo Sea area and adjoining waters consists in summer primarily of cocci, with fractions smaller than 2 ?m predominating. The average abundance and biomass of microorganisms are 427 thousand cells/ml and 438 mg C/m**2, with ranges of 150-1770 thousand cells/ml and 221-1146 mg C/m**2. The average daily production and bacterial destruction increase from 49 and 104 mg C/m**2 at the beginning of the growth period to 85 and...
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