Radiocarbon ages and last occurrences of Globorotalia menardii flexuosa and Globoquadrina hexagona in Atlantic sediment cores, supplement to: Barash, Max S; Kuptsov, Vladimir M; Os'kina, Natalia S (1987): Late Quaternary datum levels based on planktic foraminifera in the Atlantic Ocean. Oceanology, 27(3), 313-321

Max S Barash, Vladimir M Kuptsov & Natalia S Os'kina
Ranges of Globorotalia menardii menardii, Gr. menardii flexuosa and Globoquadrina hexagona at time of climatostratigraphic intervals representing oxygen-isotope stages 5-1 are determined by study of dozens of Late Quaternary sediment cores involving constructing paleotemperature curves from planktic foraminifera and oxygen isotope curves for their shells, as well as radiocarbon dating. Gr. menardii flexuosa and Gq. hexagona disappeared about 27-25 ky ago from the subtropical and tropical Atlantic and about 18 ky ago from the equatorial...
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