Chemical composition of Fe-Mn ores from the North Pacific seamounts, supplement to: Baturin, Gleb N; Shevchenko, Alla Ya; Zavadskaya, Natalya N (1987): On the structure and composition of the ore crusts from submarine seamounts in the North Pacific. Oceanology, 27(4), 465-469

Gleb N Baturin, Alla Ya Shevchenko & Natalya N Zavadskaya
Ore crusts from the Mid-Pacific Seamounts were studied by scanning electron microscopy and by atomic-absorption and chemical analysis. Characteristic ultramicroscopic structures of ore material of these crusts are globular, fibrous, conchoidal and cellular. Non-ore components are represented by fragments of bedrocks, zeolites, biogenic carbonates, and apatite. Contents of ore elements are: Fe 5.53-15.82%; Mn 14.92-23.45%; Co 0.32-0.82%; Ni 0.22-0.70%; Cu 0.02-0.12%, Mn/Fe ratio varies from 1.02 to 3.39. In general elevated contents of Co (>0.55%)...
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