Concentrations of 137Cs and 90Sr in waters and bottom sediments of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland in March-June 1980, supplement to: Vakulovskiy, S M; Nikitin, A I; Chumchev, V B (1983): 137Cs and 90Sr in bottom sediments of the Baltic Sea in 1980. Oceanology, 23(6), 738-741

S M Vakulovskiy, A I Nikitin & V B Chumchev
Results of a field study on distribution of 137Cs and 90Sr between water and bottom sediments in the Baltic Sea carried out in March-June 1980 are presented. Concentration of 137Cs in the surface layer of sediments in this area varied from <1.5 to 79 Bq/kg and concentration of 90Sr - from 0.1 to 4.4 Bq/kg. The highest levels of contamination of bottom sediments with these radionuclides were found in the vicinity of river mouths.
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