Isotope compositions of oxygen and carbon from phosphates and Fe-Mn crusts and nodules sampled at Pacific seamounts, supplement to: Strizhov, Valentin P; Ustinov, Vladimir I; Nikolaev, Sergey D; Isaeva, Alexandra B (1985): Conditions of formation of vein phosphates on Pacific Ocean seamounts as indicated by isotope data. Oceanology, 25(1), 90-94

Valentin P Strizhov, Vladimir I Ustinov, Sergey D Nikolaev & Alexandra B Isaeva
Results of a study of phosphates collected on Pacific Ocean seamounts using some physicochemical methods are described. Particular attention is paid to isotopic studies of both phosphates and their accompanying features. Oxygen isotopic compositions in phosphates of different genetic types were compared. Possible hydrothermal origin of phosphates is considered, and probable conditions of their formation are determined.
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