Pliocene to Pleistocene calcium carbonate and organic carbon record of ODP Hole 117-722B, supplement to: Murray, David W; Prell, Warren L (1991): Pliocene to Pleistocene variations in calcium carbonate organic carbon, and opal on the Owen Ridge, northern Arabian Sea. In: Prell, W.J., Niitsuma, N., et al., (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program. Scientific Results, College Station, Texas, 117, 343-363

David W Murray & Warren L Prell
Site 722 provides high resolution records of percent CaCO3, magnetic susceptibility, d18O, organic carbon, and coarse fraction for the past 3.4 m.y. from the crest of the Owen Ridge, northwestern Arabian Sea. Within this time interval, most of the carbonate percent variations can be attributed to terrigenous dilution and do not reflect changes in the carbonate system. From the late Pliocene to Present, the average rate of calcium carbonate accumulation increases from 1 to 3...
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