Isotopic composition of various forms of sulfur in barite crusts from the Red Sea rift, supplement to: Strizhov, Valentin P; Sval'nov, Vyacheslav N; Nikolaev, Sergey D; Zhabina, Nina N; Gurina, N V (1988): Isotope composition of sulfur in barite crusts of the Red Sea. Oceanology, 28(1), 83-85

Valentin P Strizhov, Vyacheslav N Sval'nov, Sergey D Nikolaev, Nina N Zhabina & N V Gurina
Barite crusts were formed by an intermittent hydrothermal vent with output temperature from 85 to 465°C. Principal sources of supply of sulfate sulfur are sea water, evaporites, and tholeiitic basalts of the Red Sea rift. Sulfides and sulfates were formed in conditions of isotope disequilibrium with respect to sulfur because rate of precipitation of sulfur compounds from hydrothermal solution was high compared with rate of isotope exchange.
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