(Table 3) Contents of phosphorus, iron, and manganese in various zones of Fe-Mn nodules from the Pacific radiolarian belt, supplement to: Sevastyanova, Elena S; Baturin, Gleb N; Gordeev, Viacheslav V (1987): Phosphorus in bottom sediments and iron-manganese nodules of the Pacific radiolarian belt. Oceanology, 27(5), 478-483

Elena S Sevastyanova, Gleb N Baturin & Viacheslav V Gordeev
Phosphorus content in the surface layer of bottom sediments varies from 0.07% to 0.73%. Clayey radiolarian and radiolarian clayey oozes contain 0.12% P, miopelagic clays 0.21% P, and sediments with high iron and manganese concentrations 0.46% P (average contents). Phosphorus content of iron-manganese nodules varies from 0.14% to 0.39%, average 0.19%. Correlation between phosphorus contents in nodules and surrounding sediments is indicated indirectly by P/Fe ratio. Phosphorus is non-uniformly distributed in some nodules and sometimes...
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