Biomass of cysts and active infusoria in waters of the Central Indian Ocean and Peru coast area, supplement to: Kopylov, A I; Tumantseva, Nataliya I (1985): Cyst-forming infusoria of tropical ocean areas. Oceanology, 25(2), 226-227

A I Kopylov & Nataliya I Tumantseva
The number of cysts of marine planktic infusoria was determined in oligotrophic waters of the central Indian Ocean and productive waters of the Southeast Pacific. Cyst biomass at stations studied varied from 1.2 to 23.4 ?g/l, which was 9.9-115.8% of free infusoria biomass in the 0-15 m layer in the Indian Ocean and 0.3-19.3% in the Southeast Pacific.
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