Vertical distribution of relative numbers of the main groups of sound-scattering fishes in the Central Indian Ocean, supplement to: Bekker, Vladimir E; Chuvasov, Vladimir M (1988): Vertical distribution of some mesopelagic fishes in the central part of the Indian Ocean. Oceanology, 28(1), 111-114

Vladimir E Bekker & Vladimir M Chuvasov
Findings made in 31 catches with an Isaacs-Kidd midwater trawl in the light (09.00-16.00) and dark (21.00-04.00) periods of a day within a survey area of about 100 sq. miles with approximate center coordinates of 13°S and 78°E have been used to investigate vertical distribution of the main groups of sound-scattering fishes (35 species of the family Myctophidae and 16 species of other families). It has been shown that during daylight hours all fishes sink...
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