Chemical composition of samples from DSDP Holes 16-163 and 17-164, supplement to: Gorbunova, Zinaida N (1988): Postsedimentational alteration of finely dispersed minerals in drillholes of the Central Pacific Ocean. Oceanology, 28(2), 199-202

Zinaida N Gorbunova
Considerable postsedimentational alteration of fine dispersed minerals in Cretaceous sedimentary sequences was found in three deep-sea drillholes (163, 164, 169). Original Fe-montmorillonites formed from basalts were converted during lithification to mixed-layer montmorillonite-hydromicas and then to pure hydromicas (celadonites). An assumption that the minerals were originally of authigenic-diagenetic composition is based on a broad spectrum of other diagenetic minerals present: silica group from opal A to opal CT and quartz, clinoptilolite and palygorskite. In addition, quartz-hydromica...
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