Paleomagnetic and age determinations on rocks from Nares Strait, supplement to: Denyszyn, Steven W; Halls, Henry C; Davis, Don W (2006): A paleomagnetic, geochemical and U-Pb geochronological comparison of the Thule (Greenland) and Devon Island (Canada) Dyke swarms and its relevance to the nares strait problem. Polarforschung, 74(1-3), 63-75

Steven W Denyszyn, Henry C Halls & Don W Davis
The Nares Strait controversy concerns the debate about whether or not a major sinistral transcurrent fault (the Wegener Fault) separates northern Greenland and Canada. To date no firm evidence has been found for the proposed 200 km sinistral offset, and to the contrary, geological correlations, mainly involving Paleozoic rocks across the Nares Strait, suggest that total left-lateral motion is no more than 70 km. The E-W trending Thule (Greenland) and Devon Island (Canada) dyke swarms...
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