Ge/Si ratios in marine siliceous microfossils, supplement to: Shemesh, Aldo; Mortlock, Richard A; Smith, R J; Froelich, Philip N (1988): Determination of Ge/Si in marine siliceous microfossils: separation, cleaning and dissolution of diatoms and radiolaria. Marine Chemistry, 25(4), 305-323

Aldo Shemesh, Richard A Mortlock, R J Smith & Philip N Froelich
A procedure is presented to separate diatoms and radiolaria from marine sediments and from each other, to purify them of elements associated with other phases, and to dissolve them to determine their elemental composition. The cleaning procedure eliminates artifacts due to the presence of detrital clays and the high sorption capacity of hydrated silica. The concentration of trace elements (Al, Fe, Mg, and Ba) that we find in alkaline dissolutions of clean diatoms are at...
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