Marine barite in sediments of DSDP Site 54-424, supplement to: Varnavas, Soterios (1987): Marine barite in sediments from Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 424 and 424A (Galapagos hydrothermal mounds field). Marine Chemistry, 20(3), 245-253

Soterios Varnavas
The distribution of barite in sediments from D.S.D.P. sites 424 and 424A at the Galapagos hydrothermal mounds field is determined and the process of its formation is deduced. Barite in these deposits is associated with calcareous sediments and is completely absent from the hydrothermal material (manganese crusts and nontronite). Its concentrations tend to increase in the deeper sediments. Since manganese crusts contain significant amounts of Ba, a lack of barite in them is probably due...
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