Lipids in ocean particulate matter and bottom sediments, supplement to: Romankevich, Evgeny A; Nemirovskaya, Inna A (1985): Lipids in suspended matter and bottom sediments and their transformation during sedimentogenesis. Oceanology, 25(3), 341-347

Evgeny A Romankevich & Inna A Nemirovskaya
Lipid contents both in particulate matter and bottom sediments decreases with passage from the shelf toward the open ocean. Lipid concentration in particulate matter collected by a separator (Ls) decreases by a factor of 7 (from 7.05 to 0.95 % of dry matter), while in particulate matter collected on filters (Lf) it decreases by a factor of 13 (from 78 to 6 µg/l) in the vicinity of the Limpopo River and by a factor of...
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